How do I claim my event(s)?

Log into your account and visit the Claim an Event section.

Use one of the following methods to claim your event:

Upload a File
The process is easy, but you will need the ability to upload a claim file to your website. Your ability to place this file on your website proves to that you are the event owner (or at the very least the web master of the event), and that the event should be associated with your account.

If you do not maintain your website directly, provide the claim file to your web master and have them install it. It should take only 2 or 3 minutes for them to accomplish the installation. Be sure to include the URL at which the claim file should be accessible. (That information is provided to you when you download the claim file).

Via Email
If the event has an email address on file (set by staff when a new event submission is received), you may use the ‘Claim by Email’ feature.  If no email is on file, the system will allow you to specify a user at the website on file to send the claim message.

Request to Manually Claim
If neither of those approaches are possible, can manually verify your ownership and associate your event with your account.  There is a small fee for this service.

If you need assistance installing your claim file, Contact Us.