I received an email from FindHaunts.com, but I didn’t sign up and I don’t want to receive these emails any more. How can I unsubscribe?

We are sorry to hear that you don’t want to receive emails from us!

There are two methods in which we communicate with you.  The first is via an email campaign list with MailChimp.  You will receive all promotional emails from these lists. You can manage your subscription settings directly from the emails you receive – just look for the links at the bottom of the email to unsubscribe.

The second method is directly via actions on the website.  Most of the time YOU had to do something to initiate the action, but occasionally the actions of other users may send you a message.  To eliminate all of these communications, your account will either have to be deleted or have the email address removed.  Simply Contact Us and we will remove you from our system.

Note that if you have events or listings that are associated with your account or email address, those events will be deleted from the system as well.