What is the ‘Event Health Bug’, and what does it do?

The Event Health Bug is a graphic that you can install on your website indicating to your website visitors that you are listed on FindHaunts.com:

FindHaunts.com Event Health Bug
FindHaunts.com Event Health Bug

The Event Health Bug allows FindHaunts.com to collect information about the health of your event by using the data collected by the Event Health Bug.  Each bug is unique to your event(s), so when a visitor to your website views a page with the Health Bug installed on it, FindHaunts.com is notified, and that data is used when determining if your event has become stale, no longer in business, or even wildly popular.

The Event Health Bug does NOT COLLECT PERSONAL INFORMATION about you, your visitors, or your website. It only collects the number of times that it has been displayed, and the last time that your Event Health Bug was displayed.

Finally, by installing your Event Health Bug on your website BEFORE you verify your event, you will receive a discount when you upgrade to a premium listing!