Early Summer FindHaunts.com Update!

We’ve been quiet on the twitter feed and this blog lately – but that does not mean we haven’t been working hard on improving FindHaunts.com – for users and haunt owners alike!

Our system now continually crawls our database of haunt websites on a daily basis, keeping track of information that your haunt website contains.  Using this data, we can easily track when your haunt websites are updated, how often, and if they contain the information your customers expect – and if your website is down, no longer registered, or disabled.  This helps keep our database clean of haunts that ‘die’, and any entry that is down or unavailable for more than 10 days in a row are automatically purged from the database.  Don’t worry, tho, it’s easy to get added back, and haunts that have an active premium subscription are never auto-purged.

In addition, there are a few more search tools that will become available to users this summer, and haunt owners already have access to all their attraction settings and options to make it easier for customers to find you and learn about your event.

One of the roles of FindHaunts.com is to help promote your events to your potential customers.  A new feature coming soon will be better integration with Twitter, allowing us to share your events with the world more often.

And, as always, we promise to keep this site design free of clutter, keyword page spam, irrelevant content, and intrusive advertising.

Happy Haunting!

(Oh, and did I mention that we will be releasing a series of articles this summer about successfully marketing your haunt on the internet, including tips on making your website the best it can be?  Keep an eye out…)