Major System Software Update

We’ve been busy working on the system software and are pleased to announce that the major features are complete and ready to explore!  There’s one or two bonus features that may make it into this release over the next 24-48 hours, but for now, feel free to explore the new!

Many of the improvements are related to site performance and scale-ability, new features for premium listings, and a few new goodies for our free listings, too.  Expect better map performance, and you’ll notice some awesome changes on our main page, including being able to sort events that are displayed on the map!  You’ll also notice our featured advertising sections, which is new to us but has been requested by many events, allowing them to advertise in neighboring regions.

Here are our next steps:

  • Announce new features in detail on the Blog (this site) and social media
  • Reach out to our event owners to request profile updates and assist in getting more events claimed!
  • Begin building out social media audience – which in turn will help our event owners reach more people with, and the best part will be that these are highly-qualified buyers!  We aren’t interested in building a huge list of just names, we are reaching out only to people that are interested in the types of events our profiles list!

Stay tuned!