2014 Findhaunts Listing Map was founded with the desire to improve to haunted house directory listing scene of the time.  Haunt directories were cumbersome, cluttered, and honestly not all that easy to find haunts near you, and they often contained out of date information.

How did we know such things? was founded by haunters.  We ran haunts that were listed on many directories, and we knew the struggle associated with updating these listings.   More often than not, we had to email someone and hope they had time and were in the mood to deal with our request to update our dates, descriptions, or even our address and phone numbers.  If a site was better, we *might* have been able to log in to change some of that information ourselves, but that was also often broken or difficult to manage.  Most sites required you to have an account per listing, so everyone that ran multiple haunted attractions also managed multiple accounts for multiple directory services.

On top of that, some directories used confusing techniques of listing haunts that were not located in the state the user was viewing (for “advertising” or anti-competitive reasons), had cluttered designs in an effort to bury the ‘free’ listings beyond view, and allowed data to stale to the point of not being useful to anyone.

There are literally hundreds of other reasons why the founders of finally dove in and built the site you see today, but the biggest reason is simply because nothing has changed in the past 10 years.   Some sites have improved and embraced mobile technology and location services, but that’s pretty rare.  The same strong-arm techniques are still being used, and the data is getting older and more out of date.

So, here we are. is now live, and entering it’s 2nd full year of public functionality after many years of development (we registered our domain on October 17th, 2005)!  We are continually working on deleting stale or unclaimed events across the country, and we are improving the site’s features every day… and every day we see a new event or two get added to the database that is fresh, new, and valid.

Haunted Attractions of all types should take the time to ensure they are listed with – and you don’t need a separate account to manage them all.  Just create an account and claim all of your events to manage them in one spot.

Oh, and the best part?  Premium listings are just $40/year, first come first served.   You don’t need a premium listing, but by upgrading to a premium listing, your event gets all sorts of neat features unlocked – like driving directions and the ‘Open Tonight’ feature.

Thanks to all of our Premium listings that have participated with us the first year for all your excellent feedback and support.  We look forward to providing you – and our haunt visiting customers – the best experience possible!