New Site Feature: Event Types, Features and Facilities Event Features

Today, we have added a new feature to all listings (including the basic free listing) called “Event Features“.

There are three categories of features you can select that apply to your event:

Event Type: By properly selecting items in the category, you can inform your customers on what type of event you are.  Haunted Houses, Haunted Forests, Murder Mysteries, Pumpkin Patches, Home Haunts and a ton of other categories are available, and you can select multiple entries if more than one applies.

Event Features: These are currently mostly geared toward haunted house events, however this category will expand rapidly as we receive feedback from users.  This category is for things people can expect to see at your event, as well as potential up-sell attractions (like Amusement Rides, Shooting Galleries, Paintball or Laser Tag).  Again, you may select multiple entries.

Facility Features: Let your customers know if you are ADA Accessible, have covered queue lines, indoor restrooms, concessions or free parking.. and more!

This information is already displayed on your haunt event profile, and in the next few days, visitors to will be able to filter search results and regional listings by these metrics.

Your event won’t show up in filtered results, so make sure you log in and set these appropriately as soon as you can!  Log into your account and click the ‘Edit Event’ button next to any of your events at:

If you have any questions, or would like to have us add a feature that isn’t tracked, please log in and use the ‘Contact Us’ page to send us a message.

Happy Haunting!