Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a map-based haunted event listing service. focuses on having great, valid data on each listing, uncluttered user interfaces, and unprecidented mobile support that alllows haunted event visitors to plan thier trips to your attractions - all from their smart phones, tables, or desktop computers.
Other services are free, why do I have to pay for
Visitors planning trips to haunted events will *never* have to pay for access to
Event operators have two options for listings:
  • Free Listing
    Free (Unverified) listings are still a great way to drive people to your website. However, your listing will be marked as 'unverified', and some features of will not be available to visitors. Visitors WILL be notified that your listing is Unverified and the data listed should not be trusted until verified on your website. These features include, but are not limited to: Driving, Walking, and Public Transit directions, Dates of Operation listings, the 'Open Tonight' feature, and detailed map popup information.
  • Verified Listing
    Verified listings provide the most information and features that help drive vistors directly to your door... literally. Our mapping features integrate with Google Maps on all platforms, allowing haunt visitors to map directions from thier current location DIRECTLY to your front door. also notifies visitors if you are open or not, provides pricing information, and much more. The small cost of validation also helps keep running, and will be the best advertising dollars your haunt can spend this year.
I am a haunt visitor, should I sign up for a account?
The short answer is "YES"!
It may not seem like much at first, but by having a account, you can can immediately do two important things: 1) Contact haunt owners to remind them about updating thier listings, and 2) add haunts to that may not yet be listed!
In addition to that, will be improved with new features throughout the year. Our users will be asked about features we are considering adding to the site, and any feature requests from registered users will be considered first! was designed and developed for the sole purpose of improving your ability to find and get to haunted attractions in your area, and being registered is the only way to ensure your voice is heard as the site grows and improves.
I am a Haunted Event owner, do I need a account?
Yes, you will need a account in order to verify your event. Without an account, you won't be able to claim your event, update any of the information, or verify your event that enables features that drive customers to your door.
Finally, events that remain unclaimed for long enough will eventually be deleted from, making it more difficult for customers to find your event.
What does it mean to 'claim' an event?
Anyone with a account can add an event to the system. However, only the event owner/operator can claim and edit the details of that event.
Therefore, by claiming an event, you are proving to that you are indeed the operator/owner of that event and the process of claiming the event will tie it to your account where you can edit and verify your listing.
You may claim more than one event per account.
How do I claim my event(s)?
Log into your account and visit the Claim an Event section.
The process is easy, but you will need the ability to upload a claim file to your website. Your ability to place this file on your website proves to that you are the event owner (or at the very least the web master of the event), and that the event should be associated with your account.
If you do not maintain your website directly, provide the claim file to your web master and have them install it. It should take only 2 or 3 minutes for them to accomplish the installation. Be sure to include the URL at which the claim file should be accessible. (That information is provided to you when you download the claim file).
Detailed documenation on this process is located here.
If you need assitance installing your claim file, Contact Us.
Can I claim more than one event?
Yes, you can claim as many events as you own and have access to upload the claim file to the event website.
Claimed events show up in your account at My Claimed Events.
How do I verify my event?
Once you have claimed an event, and it shows up in the My Claimed Events list, simple click the '[edit/verify]' link next to the event name.
The first page will give you the opportunity to update the advanced details of your event, such as dates and times of operation, event admission rates, and contact details. Once you have updated those settings, you will be taken to a second page that collects your verification payment which will enable the listing features for verified events.
After verification, you may return to the edit page at any time to update information about your event.
What is the 'Event Health Bug', and what does it do?
The Event Health Bug is a graphic that you can install on your website indicating to your website visitors that you are listed on
The Event Health Bug allows to collect information about the health of your event by using the data collected by the Event Health Bug. Each bug is unique to your event(s), so when a visitor to your website views a page with the Health Bug installed on it, is notified, and that data is used when determining if your event has become stale, no longer in business, or even wildly popular.
The Event Health Bug does NOT COLLECT PERSONAL INFORMATION about you, your visitors, or your website. It only collects the number of times that it has been displayed, and the last time that your Event Health Bug was displayed.
Finally, by installing your Event Health Bug on your website BEFORE you verify your event, you will receive a discount on your verification!
Will there be more options for graphics used for the event health bug?
Yes, in time. For now, the Event Health Bug image we provided should work fine for most websites. If you have a special need, feel free to Contact Us and we will see what we can get done to accomidate your need.
I am an event owner, and my event is already listed but I didn't do it! How did it get here, and can I link the listing to my account?
Anyone with a account can add an event to the system. This is how we have become the largest, most accurate listing of Halloween Events in the world.
There is no need to worry, however. All you need to do is to Claim Your Event and it will be linked to your account where you can manage, update, and verify your listing.
What is a 'Claim File'?
A claim file is a small text file that contains a unique identifier that you install to your event website. Once that file is installed, will be able to verify that you own the event and that it should be linked to your account.
There is no personally identifiable information contained in the claim file, so it can be left (and is encouraged to be) on the server after you have claimed your event.
I'm having trouble installing my claim file! Help!
First, contact your webmaster for assistance.
If you have done that, or you ARE the webmaster, please Contact Us for additional assistance.
The pin on the map for my event is wrong, how can I fix it?
The pin being inaccurate for your location is rare, but here are a few things to check:
  • Ensure that your event address is correct in My Claimed Events.
  • Ensure that Google Maps correctly geocodes your address by visiting Google Maps and searching for your address. If that is wrong, use the Google My Business Help Center to fix your location marker.
  • If both of those methods do not fix your marker position, please Contact Us for further assitance.
Why do I have to be logged in to contact
Honestly, it's mostly to combat SPAM. But it also means that you have a lot less that needs filled out in the form, your email address that is on your account is verified, and that means we will be able to respond to your question without accidental type-o's in your email address. If you really need to get ahold of us without being logged in, simply send mail to info@ this domain.
The mapping function on my device isn't working! What can I do?
There are a few things that can go wrong when the map features are not working:
  • Android Users: There are a TON of places where Location Services can be disabled, and if they are, maps won't work. Check your browser settings, phone or tablet settings, and ensure that you didn't accidently deny access to your Location Services for the website.
  • iOS users: This typically 'just works', so if it isn't, it's likely because you have denied access to your Location when visiting If so, refreshing the page should make your system ask you for permission again, or you can go into your phone settings and ensure is allowed.
  • If neither of those options solve your problems, please Contact Us and we will help you get it resolved.
I have a haunted event that is not located in the United States, can I list anyway?
At this time, only events located in the United States are able to be listed with Don't worry, though, that will be coming soon! Feel free to Contact Us and let us know you are interested in that feature, and we can notify you when it is available.
I have a private (home) haunt, or an event that isn't a commercial haunted event. Can I list my event?
Sure, if you want to list your event, feel free! Just be aware that has the ability to send SIGNIFICANT traffic to your home so be prepared!
I have a commerical event that isn't a haunted house, but is halloween themed (zombie paintball, evil laser tag, etc). Should I list with
All commercial haunted events, including hay rack rides, paintball, laser tag, pumpkin patches, etc SHOULD be listed on Once we have enough of these types of events, we will enable features that allow users to sort and discover events based on the type of event. Unfortunately, we just don't have enough listings right now to enable that feature.
I am a haunt industry vendor, can I purchase advertising on does not allow advertising from industry vendors at this time. The site is designed to be clean, fast, and to promote haunted events. Any adverising opporunities will be exclusively for haunted events and attractions.
With that being said, feel free to send us a note anyway. Your product may be something that all of our event owners would be interested in, and we may have a way to share that with them in time.
Why can't I provide a description for my haunted event listing on wants your customers to go to YOUR website to find that kind of information. Once they have decided that they want to attend your event, the website makes it really easy from them to get step by step directions on thier mobile device.
I don't want my event listed with, how can I remove it?
Contact Us and we will remove the listing. Be aware the other users may put it back frequently, so check back from time to time.
NOTE: If users keep adding you back to the system, you should take that as a very positive thing! Our users are YOUR customers, and if they want you to be listed on, listen to them. If your reasons for not wanting to be listed are things that we can control, fix, or update for you, please Contact Us and let us know.
I received an email from, but I didn't sign up and I don't want to receive these emails any more. How can I unsubscribe?
We are sorry to hear that! Contact Us and we will remove you from our system. Note that if you have events that are assocaited with your account or email address, those events will be deleted from the system as well.
I dig the icons! Where did they come from?
Most of the icons on this website are free icons collected from the web. Here's a list of the creators sites, you can go get them for yourself and use them in your projects: